Using this API, you are able to send SMS directly through our SMSC.

We support both numeric and alphanumeric senders. Some basic rules apply:

  • For numeric senders: You must own the MSISDN (telephone number) specified.
  • For alphanumeric senders: Maximum 11 characters. Your request will also be checked against a blacklist of senders.
  • At this time, only sending to DK phone numbers is supported.

Endpoint: Send SMS#


Sends an SMS to the specified receiver, from the specified sender.


POST /sms

Request Payload

Field Type Description
sendTo String E164 MSISDN, e.g. +4593709603
sendFrom String An alphanumeric sender e.g. 'Wavely' or an E164 MSISDN, e.g. +4593709603
plainText String The SMS itself


    "sendTo": "+4523960001",
    "sendFrom": "Wavely",
    "plainText": "Hello! This is an important message from Wavely!"

Response Payload

Field Type Description
operatorMessageId String The generated unique ID of the SMS
smsCount Integer How many SMS were sent


The smsCount is determined by the number of characters sent divided by 160, rounded up. This is because the telecommunications network sends that number of SMS behind-the-scenes.

Error Responses

HTTP Status Code Reason(s)
403 You are using a sender you are not permitted to use