Wavely API docs#

This is the (evolving) documentation for the Wavely API for integration purposes.

The API is versioned for future continuous development. However, only one version is currently available.

Technical details#

The API expects JSON requests with the Content-Type header set to application/json.


The API is available at: https://platform.wavely.io/externalsimcardapi. Only HTTPS is available.


The API uses HTTP Basic Auth and expects one of your API key and secret pairs.

Every request against the API expects the Authorization header to be set. Otherwise, the API will return a 401 – Unauthorized response.

You have the ability to revoke specific credentials from your API management section, immediately invalidating the access using the credentials.

Only the owner and admin account types may view or modify the API credentials from your account.

Authentication example#

Let's imagine that you have the following:

  • API key: 7defeb3b-f03a-4cd8-a3c2-fea45a25abe4
  • API secret: toyqdCALFai19uWofIDlxb6hp7ZhOlaf9sx5hTEK1GIOJKUR3y4wAkPTrzvSyHJz

Then your basic auth header should look like this:

Authorization: Basic N2RlZmViM2ItZjAzYS00Y2Q4LWEzYzItZmVhNDVhMjVhYmU0OnRveXFkQ0FMRmFpMTl1V29mSURseGI2aHA3WmhPbGFmOXN4NWhURUsxR0lPSktVUjN5NHdBa1BUcnp2U3lISno=

Adding an API key#

Go to your account and go to your Advanced settings, to create an API key. See below:



If you need some technical assistance, please e-mail [email protected]