About webhooks#

Webhooks are user-defined API calls over HTTP or HTTPS.
It allows you to subscribe to certain interesting events and be notified of their occurrences as they happen.

Anatomy of webhook deliveries#

Webhooks are delivered as JSON and will always be pushed by an HTTP POST request.

A successful delivery constitutes the following:

  • The remote endpoint was internet-routable
  • The remote endpoint responded with HTTP status 200 OK
  • The remote endpoint responded within 5000 msecs

We will retry delivery of failed webhooks periodically until a maximum of five attempts has been spent.


To allow for secure data transmission, please make sure you have a valid TLS certificate in your end, and create the subscription using HTTPS.
Our back-ends will exchange the certificate and securely transmit the data.

Creating a webhook#

Access the Wavely Platform, navigate to the WEBHOOKS menu item in the left hand navigation bar, and use the Action Button in the top right hand corner.