Data CDR#

This webhook details the data usage of SIM card, such as how much data was uploaded, downloaded, from which device, and in which country.

Data usage is incremental; it will detail how much data was transmitted since the previous recording.


Field Type Description
bytesIn Number
bytesOut Number
countryCode String Any alpha-2 country code
sessionId String The mobile network data session ID
imei String The IMEI number of the device using data
usageDate ISO 8601 DateTime
icc String The SIM card identifier


    "bytesIn": 4321,
    "bytesOut": 1234,
    "countryCode": "DK",
    "sessionId": "5b2244da-pgw-c/6faf764",
    "imei": "9900120101772509",
    "usageDate": "2019-05-10T12:46:32",
    "icc": "89454284200010500060"