Message CDR#

This webhook details the SMS usage of SIM card, such as who sent the SMS and who received it, including alphanumeric senders.


Field Type Description
caller String E164 MSISDN, or alphanumeric sender, e.g. Wavely
called String E164 MSISDN, e.g. +4593709603
fromNetwork Network The mobile-originating network
toNetwork Network The mobile-terminating network
icc String The SIM-card identifier
imsi String International mobile subscriber identity
usageDate ISO 8601 DateTime


    "caller": "+4593709603",
    "called": "+4593709604",
    "fromNetwork": {
        "country": "DK",
        "tadig": "DNKHU",
        "plmn": "23806"
    "toNetwork": {
        "country": "DK",
        "tadig": "DNKHU",
        "plmn": "23806"
    "icc": "89454211095593135450",
    "imsi": "238420001050000",
    "usageDate": "2020-11-05T13:42:41.454633"